Mario Soutschka

Mario Soutschka

Once upon a time in Ingolstadt

I was born on August 16th 1988 in Ingolstadt (Bavaria) in Germany. In the age of 13 I coincidentally discovered the music of the beatles and immediately fell in love with it. From this point on, I knew I have to learn to play the guitar. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

After I’ve learned the rudimental chords and how to strum them I knew it’s time to learn as much about songwriting as possible. From then on, writing songs was my life, not just a hobby or something I’d like to do. It’s the essence of all.

First Records

Fast forward: I’ve released my first album “every day” in 2015. It was recorded by myself in my homestudio and mixed and mastered in the legendary AbbeyRoad Studios in London (what a surprise 😊 ) A few songs from the album reached good positions in several international songwriting competitions. Also the records songs got a little bit of airplay in stations all over the world.

I’ve released my second album “long stories short” in 2018. It was a straight to the point rock LP and also got a bit airplay (a bit more) in radio stations all over the world from Europe, Australia over to the USA.

Green Lights – the third album

After the first two albums being straight rock LPs I knew I had to do something totally different. A third rock LP would be boring at least for myself.

Green Lights is a almost complete danceable disco album with great songs, modern state of the art pop music!

The single “come on around” is a funky, very groovy straight forward -must dance- song. The perfect soundtrack to wonderful summer! Enjoy!